The HPR HARPEX  Sp z o.o. was established in February 1992 as a private company being the continuation of the HPR Chorzów state-owned company in scope of structural and mechanical repairs of the mechanical metallurgical equipment.

The management of the company right from the beginning was focused on raising of qualifications of employees to broaden the spectrum of services rendered and continuous rise of their quality.

Thanks to that the company achieved the authorizations of the technical inspection for making following works:

  • erection of steam boilers - decision No.: UC-09-39-M/1-92
  • repairs of water steam boilers and stationary pressure vessels - decision No.: UC-09-39-M/1-92
  • repairs of movable platforms of overhead cranes and cranes - decision No.: UD-09-39-N/1-94
  • erection of overhead cranes - decision No.: UD-09-39-M/1-94

and rendering following services:

  1. Repairs of industrial equipment
  2. Repairs, rectification of overhead crane roadways
  3. Machine works
  4. Anti-corrosive works
  5. Performance, erection and repairs of power engineering installations
  6. Performance, erection and repairs of steel structures
  7. Tinsmithing, roofworking and thermal insulations
  8. Repairs and erection of pressure equipment
  9. Repairs and erection of crane equipment
  10. General construction works

In the year 1996 we started with the process of gaining , the Certificate as per the ISO 9002 standards.
We guarantee the high quality and promptness of services rendered.
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